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'single stack signal towerlight'
Single stack towerlight with buzzer manufactured by Katlax Enterprises Pvt Ltd. Available upto 5 stacks in combination of R-A-G-B-C. In multiple supply voltage options. with and w/o buzzer. Steady as well as flashing. For details contact us on:
Industrial Signal Towerlights manufactured by Katlax. Available from 1 - 5 stacks in flashing as well as steady. With or w/o buzzer.
Now Katlax tower lights are also available with buzzer. 1 t0 5 stack steady as well as flasher 24V AC/DC as well as 230V AC.
1-5 Stack tower lights available in steady/flasher with and without buzzer in Supply voltages:8-12V DC, 12V DC, 24V AC/DC, 110V AC, 220V AC, Sequence can be customised as per your requirement. Options available (RED, AMBER, GREEN-BLUE-CLEAR)
Proximity Sensor and Cable assemblies with connectors for them- all available at a single place of Katlax make. For more details please visit our website: Or write to us at: Or simply call on: +91- 9687393892
Harnessing Solution for Automation (HSA-67) Patent applied... Available in different modules: -Digital -MODBUS -PROFIBUS -Zigbee Wireless -RS232 TO RS 485 Remove labour, reduce cost, end to end solution for sensors and connectors for data and signal transmission.
Explore our wide range of products!! Call us for a FREE Product Demo. +91- 9687393892. 1. Sensor and Field Devices Group (Inductive, Proximity, Caapacitive, Photoelectric (Diffused, retro-reflective, throughbeam), magnetic, hall sensors) 2. Interface Products Group (M8, M10, M12, M23 Pre-wired, User-wired, molded, screw-type, right-angle. straight, dual type (RJ 45) connectors both MALE AND FEMALE. 3. Integration Products Group (Harnessing Solution for Automation with IP67 protection and junction boxes, splitters) 4. Controllers and Instrumentation Group (DPTs, Indicators, Transmitter- receiver, RPM Indicators) 5. Safety Products Group (Safety light curtains, tower lamps, stack light, safety lamps)
For any requirements regarding Inductive sensors, Capacitive sensors, hall sensors, magnetic sensors, photoelectric sensors, connectors (A & B Coded M/F), Safety light curtain, Tower lamps (stack lights), Differential Pressure transducers, digital indicators, transmitters, counters Rh and T transmitter... Please contact us. You can also go to our website for further details of our products at
Digital Process Indicators from Katlax. ->4-5-6 digits. -> Single/double sided.