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Various controllers such as Differential Pressure Transducers, RPM indicator, Length counter, preset counter, RH & T controller amongst others manufactured by Katlax.
A WIDE RANGE OF PANEL MOUNT COUNTERS AND OTHER CONTROLLER UNITS Under speed relay unit, Digital Preset Counter, Temperature controller amongst others from Katlax Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
Our products such as Inductive sensors, capacitive sensors, photoelectric sensors, connectors, junction boxes, differential pressure transmitters, digital display boards, humidity and temperature controller display, rpm indicator, textile sensors etc are used in various fields of Industry and our large clientele of more than 3000+ customers is a proof of that.
The concept and philosophy Katlax believes in: SENSE-CONNECT-CONTROL-INTEGRATE-SAFETY
One of the leading sensor, connector and controller manufacturer, Katlax Enterprises has clients from all different sectors of Industry. Ranging from Textile, Packaging, Ceramic, CNC machine manufacturer, Electronics, Automation amongst others.
Why choose Katlax as your one stop destination for all your sensors, connectors, controllers, junction boxes, safety light curtain and tower lamp needs. Read on to find out more!!!!
We have been here!!!! Some of the most prestigious exhibitions in the field of Textile, Automation, Manufacturing showcasing our Inductive sensors, connectors, junction boxes, harnessing solution, tower lamps, safety light curtain, controllers among other products.
Explore our wide range of products!! Call us for a FREE Product Demo. +91- 9687393892. 1. Sensor and Field Devices Group (Inductive, Proximity, Caapacitive, Photoelectric (Diffused, retro-reflective, throughbeam), magnetic, hall sensors) 2. Interface Products Group (M8, M10, M12, M23 Pre-wired, User-wired, molded, screw-type, right-angle. straight, dual type (RJ 45) connectors both MALE AND FEMALE. 3. Integration Products Group (Harnessing Solution for Automation with IP67 protection and junction boxes, splitters) 4. Controllers and Instrumentation Group (DPTs, Indicators, Transmitter- receiver, RPM Indicators) 5. Safety Products Group (Safety light curtains, tower lamps, stack light, safety lamps)
RH & Temperature Controller with Relay O/P