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8 Channel junction boxes terminal blocks.

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Differential Pressure Transducer, Humidity & Temperature Transmitter, Panel Meters, RPM Indicators, Digital Process Indicator, Counters, PLCs and other Controllers manufactured by Katlax.

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An RPM Indicator is an instrument used to measure the rotation speed of a shaft or disk, as in a motor or other machine.The device usually displays the revolutions per minute (RPM) on a calibrated analogue dial, but digital displays are increasingly common. Katlax manufactures such digital displays which can also be mounted on Panels upto 4 digits.

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Differential pressure transducers having output in 0-10V Voltage as well as 4-20mA Current. With and without display..

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Panel Mount connectors manufactured by Katlax. From 4 pin , 5 pin, 8 pin upto 12 pins. in male as well as female. Can be mounted from front as well as rear side. Solder type and cable type options available. For more details please write to us on:

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M12 sensor insert tubes manufactured by Katlax in transparent as well as black body.

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Electronic Light Curtains: Katlax offers Safety Light Curtains / Safety Guards with microcontroller technology for: -> Hand Protection Applications : Light Safety Curtains are used for preventing injuries of hand / finger / body part, while working at machines like. ->Power Presses for Metal ->Processing machines for Wood, Plastics, Leather, Rubber, Glass etc ->Filter Presses ->Folding or bending machines ->Processing Lines and Welding Presses ->Insertion Machines ->Palletizers ->Handling & Storage systems ->Rubber molding machines ->SPMs ->Forging Presses ->Injection Molding machines, etc.

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Differential Pressure Transducer manufactured by Katlax from 0-200mBar.

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3 colour in single stack signal towerlight manufactured by Katlax with buzzer.

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I/O 8 channel junction box, splitter boxes manufactured by Katlax.